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ज्या विद्यार्थ्याने मार्च २०२३चे परीक्षा फार्म्स भरलेले आहेत BCA व BSC (C.S. ) चे हॉल तिकिट घेऊन जाणे परीक्षा २१ मार्च २०२३ पासून सुरु होत आहेत अडचण असल्यास महाविद्यालयाच्या मोबाईल नंबर वर संपर्क करा .
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Imparting holistic education For professional competence and civil sense leading to integrated individuals.. * Provide a Conductive environment for quality education in Commerce and Management and Science and Technology. Mission



Integrated development of student personality.* Excellence in Science computer education with Social relevance, dissemination of scientific and technological knowledge keeping.* Propagating and including values enshrined in the constitution of India.